yourbackgarden is moving!

We have recently made a Wixsite called yourbackgardenwix <=== Click Link For Site<===

We are still going to be posting on WordPress but not that often.

This is our timetable in place from October 1st:

Monday: Cameron

Tuesday: Calum

Wednesday: Freya + Thomas

Thursday: Freya

Friday: Calum

Saturday: Cameron

Sunday: Thomas

Remember this is on Wix, not WordPress.

Hope you see us there!

If you have any questions please contact us in any way, by email, commenting, social media, etc. See you guys on Wix… Bye!


Charity Fundraising

Hi guys and welcome to a different type of post. We have set up a fundraising site called JustGiving YourBackGarden and we are fundraising for the charity Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust is a charity that re-homes dogs that have been treated badly. Dogs Trust trains the dogs and looks after them until someone comes to buy them. Please donate because we have a very big goal of £500 which we are giving all to Dogs Trust. We will post updates about how much we have monthly so don’t miss the upcoming posts. This is all in loving memory of my grandma who would have been proud of us for doing this.

Please donate.



Yesterday my dad and his girlfriend were on a job with their drones. They are Reiver3D. And it was an important job, but we couldn’t take pictures or videos. We found out after we went to the office that a firmware update had taken place and it bugged the entire software up so that we couldn’t see through the camera!

We had to come back and try to reconnect the drone to the DJI GO APP but it hasn’t worked and we are still trying to fix it. Lets all give a round of applause to DJI. Clap…..Clap…..Clap. Well done DJI for destroying our weekend!

I don’t know what to do so don’t think that I know but am not telling you, we have been trying to fix it since yesterday (Thursday) morning and are still trying to fix it now.

One more time. Thank you DJI 😡

Do any of you know what to do? If so please comment or email us at Thank you.

Back Garden Problems – #3

Hello and welcome to Back Garden Problems with me, Cameron!

Today we will be going over a problem that annoys me sooooo much; CORIANDER BUSHES!! (DUN, DUN, DUN!) I know that it doesn’t sound bad but it is so annoying. We bought coriander for our herb collection in the garden, and we fed it and watered it until one day it was like a green tower of corriander. This is where the problem is. Coriander is supposed to be a bush but it grows taller instead of growing fatter. So…what is the answer you ask? Well look no further because we are going to answer your cry for bushy Coriander.

When it grows taller it thinks it’s supposed to do that so it will carry on growing taller. If you snip it down to 2 feet with scissors and continue to do so until it starts to grow out the way.

I hope this has solved your thin coriander! If so please like and follow us and comment with your feedback. If you have any more questions you have then email us at and we will see you in the next post. Bye!


You may have noticed that we have made a podcast called YBGQ&A! It stands for yourbackgarden question and answer. So we would like all you lovely people of the internet to come up with some questions and comment them on WordPress, YouTube or Spreaker. You can Tweet your questions using the hashtag #ybgpod. Hope to see you on our first ever Podcast! We will set our schedule on the 2nd show.

Thats all for this update so we will see you soon. Bye!


We have got a new podcast on called YBGQ&A where we answer all your questions and give you shout outs too! I am also in spain at the moment too with another series on YouTube so go check it out! We are thinking about yourbackgarden merchandise like pens, pads, USB sticks and other things. Let us know it you want some and if we get quite a few requests for it then we will order it and give a shout out for buying it.