Yesterday my dad and his girlfriend were on a job with their drones. They are Reiver3D. And it was an important job, but we couldn’t take pictures or videos. We found out after we went to the office that a firmware update had taken place and it bugged the entire software up so that we couldn’t see through the camera!

We had to come back and try to reconnect the drone to the DJI GO APP but it hasn’t worked and we are still trying to fix it. Lets all give a round of applause to DJI. Clap…..Clap…..Clap. Well done DJI for destroying our weekend!

I don’t know what to do so don’t think that I know but am not telling you, we have been trying to fix it since yesterday (Thursday) morning and are still trying to fix it now.

One more time. Thank you DJI 😡

Do any of you know what to do? If so please comment or email us at yourbackgardencam@gmail.com. Thank you.


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