Back Garden Problems – #3

Hello and welcome to Back Garden Problems with me, Cameron!

Today we will be going over a problem that annoys me sooooo much; CORIANDER BUSHES!! (DUN, DUN, DUN!) I know that it doesn’t sound bad but it is so annoying. We bought coriander for our herb collection in the garden, and we fed it and watered it until one day it was like a green tower of corriander. This is where the problem is. Coriander is supposed to be a bush but it grows taller instead of growing fatter. So…what is the answer you ask? Well look no further because we are going to answer your cry for bushy Coriander.

When it grows taller it thinks it’s supposed to do that so it will carry on growing taller. If you snip it down to 2 feet with scissors and continue to do so until it starts to grow out the way.

I hope this has solved your thin coriander! If so please like and follow us and comment with your feedback. If you have any more questions you have then email us at and we will see you in the next post. Bye!


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