Cameron’s Seeds – #3

Welcome to Cameron’s Seeds! Today we ar going to be looking at meditation and how to refresh your body and cleanse your mind. 

So meditation is where you sit down or lie and relax, taking deep breaths and (if you believe in it) open your third eye chakra.

A herbal remedy will help you relax. It is very simple and easy to make. Here are the ingredients:

A few sage leaves and flowers,






First add the ingredients (not the water yet) in a pestle and mortar and crush them up.

Then add to a small pan with water until its bubbling.

Pour into a heat resistant bowl and keep it near when meditating. 

The steam from the hot remedy will relax your temples and allow the third eye to open easier. 

To meditate you need quiet and alone time. I find it easier to sit up and cross my legs, then close my eyes and think of a white pillar candle with the dancing flame on top. One I’m finished I imagine the candle going out and open my eyes gradually. Another form of meditating is taking a walk in nature. Thinking how beautiful the landscape is. I did this and was able to open my third eye and talk to people who were burried there.

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