Cameron’s Seeds – #2

Hello, and welcome to Cameron’s Seeds! Today we will be looking at the book Cures and Remedies the Country Way” by Robin Page. This book is one of the oldest books I have!

Let me just give you a history of the book. It was made in 1978 and the author Robin Page is a Farmer, Journalist and Political Activist. Robin was born in 1943 in the UK and is still alive to this day. He supported the Conservative party (A british political party for those in different countries).

Right, enough boring stuff and let’s get to the book. Remember these are old remedies so I suggest asking a parent if it is safe. We only provide safe and healthy remedies, it may not taste nice but it works wonders! The book is full of old and bad tasting things that surprisingly work. One of the only ones I have made is the headache remedy which consists of Sage, Mint, Water and Vinegar.

First get a small pan, then get 2 cups of water and put the water in the pan. Next put the pan on the heat (6 on a stove or gas mark 4) then crush the Sage and Mint and put it in the potentially boiling water. Then put about a shot glass full of Vinegar in the combination of Water, Sage and Mint, Leave to boil for about 5 minutes. Finally sive the mixture into a cup and drink. This will take about 5-10mins to work but when it starts to work you will know!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to cure headaches! Join us next time for how to cure and prevent the common cold and cough. If you have any questions or corrections please feel free to comment or E-Mail me at


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