Easter Special: Conservation

Easter: the time for coming together, chocolate eating, and (if you are religious) commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But while Easter is a mere holiday for us, it is the dawn of new generations for many local animals such as sheep, birds and cattle.

As we get closer to Easter, lambing comes in full swing, meaning new life and new birth. The egg at Easter time represents and symbolizes re-birth and fresh life as well as the never-ending circle of life . So, this Easter, let us all aim to be the best people we can be, by preserving the precious new lives of animals close to home, like the species of bird, the Red Grouse, that resides in moorlands.

Numbers of the Red Grouse have dropped in Scotland dramatically and by supporting local moorland projects you can help keep the numbers of this bird steady and bring new life this Easter.

For more information check out your local moorland project or click on the links below for information on the Red Grouse and the Moorland Association website.

Moorland Association


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