Back Garden Birds – #3

Hello and welcome to the third edition of Back Garden Birds. Today we will be looking at the Great Spotted Woodpecker and Buzzards.

Firstly is the Great Spotted Woodpecker. This bird has black, white and red feathers. It is a medium-sized woodpecker slightly larger than a Starling. It is the most common woodpecker in the UK. You would probably think that the woodpecker feeds on wood but actually it feeds on wood-boring insects like maggots that is why they dig in the tree with their beak.

Next is the Common Buzzard. This bird is part of a group called Birds of Pray. It is mostly brown with some white and a yellow and black beak. This bird will eat most things like small animals such as Rodents, Worms and Insects. The Buzzard is highly unlikely to visit your garden but you will find them flying around the countryside


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