Valentines Special!

Today Me and Freya have thought to do our very first Valentines Special! From now on we are going to be doing special posts on different events like Easter or Christmas.

Kicking off the first ever thing on the Valentines Special is the Rose – Latin – Rosa. Now the Rose is probably the most bought thing at this time of year and can be quite expensive but anyway, there are many different types of Roses out there like the Rosa and Black Rose. The Black Rose although its name is actually a very dark red! To find out more information click this link: Roses

Second and lastly is the Cherry Tree – Latin – Prunus Spp. This tree has approximately 400 species, and is the most widely planted ornamental tree in the whole of the U.S.A. The Cherry Tree is really beautiful in its blossoms and the most common type of Cherry is a pink blossom! The bark is shiny and really smooth and is often purple that has horizontal lines that look like morse code (..–..)! The leaves are large and serrated (Spiky Edged) and near the stalk you will find 2 red nobly bits where the leaf meets the stalk. Lots of cherries are inedible so you need to know whether your cherry tree bares edible fruits.  To find out more information click this link: Cherry Trees

Thank you for reading and remember to leave your feedback and support!


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