I, Cameron, am in Turkey visiting a hotel in Antalya until Wednesday 26th October. I am seeing many plants, and animals as well. I am going to give you some of the plants and animals I have seen.

First we have the stray cat, and they go everywhere around the place wanting food and mostly succeed. They mostly stay in the shade, as it is so hot, under the trees and sometimes go for an accidental dip in the pool!

Secondly we have the Palm Tree, like any ordinary tree it needs water and light and other stuff but this particular type of tree can make a special type of oil called palm oil and it is used for Ice Cream, Shampoo, Washing Liquids, Butter, Margarine and even Make-Ups.

Last but not least, Wild Flowers which are found in almost every country and is very beautiful with its vibrant blooming flowers. Wild Flowers’ colours are adapted to the average temperature it has grown in. E.G: Pink, Red and Orange for hot temperatures or Purple and Blue for colder temperatures.


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