Freya’s Fun Facts Part 2

Hello everybody and welcome to the second part of the most fantastical Freya’s Fun Facts!
How’s everyone today? Good? Brilliant!
So starting were we left off, at number six I give you the amazing Caddis Fly! This particular bug lives in water and collects the microscopic stones and makes almost a blanket thing to hide and camouflage! It should be called a Caddis Walk because it doesn’t have any wings!

At number five we have the dragonfly nymph!
Unlike their bright, beautiful parents, the dragon-fly nymph is an ugly, dark brown bug. But one day that nymph will grow up to be a mighty big dragon-fly! The most common colours of dragon-fly are bright blue!

At number four I give you the Toad! Toads eat Insects, Worms and sometimes small fish!
when the toad is threatened a creamy poison drips down its back so when the predator tries and eats it, IT will get poisoned and die!

To Be Continued…


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