Freya’s Fun Facts!

Hello and welcome to Freya’s Fun Facts where we give facts that are fun!

Today’s post is entirely about camouflage, bugs blending in, unseen animals and professional pretenders, so let’s get started!

The Common Baron Caterpillar. This guy can confuse predators by hiding in among the green leaves! It is native to India.

The Stick Insect. Many of you will have been expecting this one, but we couldn’t leave one of the greatest camouflaged insects of all time! It is mistaken for a small twig but if you pick it up you shall get a fright!

Leaf Tailed Gecko. This type of gecko can camouflage in with dry, dead leaves because of the tail.

Snow Leopard. You’ll probably never see this majestic and handsome beast in your back garden, but we had to include this animal who is a pro predator.

The Orchid Mantis. Beautifully camouflaged as a gorgeous orchid that comes in a few different colours. Very impressive.

We have just ran out of time, so see you in the next edition of Freya’s Fun Facts. Bye.


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