Freya’s Fun Facts!

Hello and welcome to this special edition of Freya’s fun facts!
I’m  your host Freya McCall and tonight we see the top ten pond animals. From the tiny pond skater to the big bad newt.

Without further ado, let me introduce our Top Ten Pond Animals!

At number 10 there is the Water Flea; what a tiny animal! A hard shell covers the water flea’s body. The shell is hinged on one side, the other side is open to allow the water flea’s leg to move through the water to catch food.

Number 9.The Great Diving Beetle!
The Great Diving Beetle is native to Europe and Northern Asia.
It is particularly common in England. The Great Diving Beetle lives in fresh water and likeS vegetation.

Next up at number 8 is the great Ramshorn Snail.
Ramshorn snails got their names after their shell, which is in the shape of a ram’s horn.
Ramshorn snails have an appetite for plants.
At number seven we have the great pond snail. Pond snails eat anything they can find at the bottom of the garden.Pond snails can be eaten by birds.

For the rest of the Top Ten, check out part two of Freya’s Fun Facts!


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